WTIA Qualification and Certification Board
IIW Authorised National Body (ANB) for Personnel Qualification and Certification, and Company Certification (ANBCC)

Entries in the WTIA database include the individual’s name, qualification type, certificate/ diploma number and date of issue and, where applicable, associated certification, date issued, date re-certification due. Due to privacy responsibilities, full contact details can only be requested throught the WTIA, and are only available when authorised in writing by the qualification/certification holder.

The WTIA makes every effort to maintain this information, but cannot guarantee its accuracy.

WTIA and Australian IIW qualified and certified personnel may add to, or modify WTIA records of their contact details, qualification or certification on the database by completing and signing the response form MF-52 and returning it by fax, mail or email to qnc@wtia.com.au.

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